The Edge Cleaning Co is now Fighting Dirty

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

We have changed, here we explain why and what that means for our customers.

Following our closure on the 23rd of March 2020 due to COVID-19 we have taken time out to review how we currently work, and how we think we will have to work coming out of lockdown and into the new post pandemic world.

What are the main changes:-

1. We are now called Fighting Dirty. Our website has always been even though we have been called The Edge Cleaning Co. As we look to the future and what we want to be offering as a company, we felt that fighting dirty was more relevant to us, what we do and how we want to be heard. We have created new branding for this which you will see on our website and in future correspondence with customers. We hope you like it as much as we do!

2. We are now operating as a collection and delivery service ONLY. The laundry (now known as the Dirty Laundry) at 4 Wood Gardens is now closed to the public. The Laundry unfortunately is quite a small site, and with the door situated where it is customers using this entrance means that social distancing with staff is an issue. This also means that we would only be able to have two members of staff in the laundry at any one time which would not allow us to service the work that we usually have. This will also enable us to control work volumes a little better, reducing pressure on staff and allowing for better organisation within the laundry. We will also be implementing a delivery charge of £1.50 for every order and a minimum spend of £10.00.

3. We will currently only offer weekly and bi weekly services where any ironing is involved. Whilst the actual services we offer will not change drastically, the biggest change is that these will only be offered at present on a repeat basis. Due to the way in which we have to bring back staff to the laundry we need to know roughly how much work we will have on a weekly basis. You will be able to book a collection/delivery for either a Monday each week, or every other week, or for a Friday each week or every other week. We will then be asking customers to let us know if they do not require a collection on a particular week by email. Laundry only service is secluded from the above.

3. We have a new website. As you are reading this, you will probably have already found this out! This has been created in conjunction with the changes that we are implementing. We now have the ability for customers to book their laundry collection online here. It is a simple process that takes just a few moments, but offers a better way of working for us and ensures that everyone who needs a collection gets one!

4. Some of our services may be reduced or limited to begin with. This will apply initially to our ironing service especially. At present we do not have sufficient resources to cope with large volumes of ironing and the sporadic nature of this element of our business. Therefore we are offering a number of ironing slots on either a weekly or bi weekly basis. We will then have a waiting list that you will be able to join, this will help us to gauge demand and open up further slots as and when we are able. We will also currently not be accepting dry cleaning on its own. We will take this with either laundry or ironing from weekly customers however due to the small volumes that we deal with, it does not allow us to offer this under a delivery and collection service.

The above will be subject to change as we find our feet however we will be keeping in regular contact with customers as we move forwards from here.

There will be other exciting developments and products coming in the future that we are working on behind the scenes which we hope you will also find extremley exciting!

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